Monday, June 14, 2010

Mundane Monday meets Motivational Madness

So I tend to worry too much about being recognized by my artistic peers.  To be seen as an entity on the art community.  But I have forgotten that it all starts with me.  So every Monday I want to kick start my Mondays as well as anyone out there reading by linking a good selection of artists that has something cool and great to say for our art world.  So here they are in no particular order of awesome. 

Reynan Sanchez

Vs.  A Russian group make these great animations that inspire me to do side projects, listen with the sound!

 Dapper Dan has some great 80's flick character designs.  Ghostbusters and back to the future are great

 Great tutorial on rendering by Sam Nielson

 Betteo is crazy good.  I hope to be less Americanized and homogenized when i see his stuff

That's it for now.  I could go on all day but I think if you put to many on here nobody clicks on the talent.  So 5.  Check them out, hopefully 1 will inspire you the way they have for me. 

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