Friday, August 27, 2010

Dames n Monsters Emerald City Con Process

It's dirty, but here's a quick process collection
Steps by Image:

1.  I made 4 thumbnails for the composition. I made about 20 coming up with the "idea".  Then narrowed the thought of kick ass woman meets wormy thing

2. Inked the lines in Sketchbook pro

3. Started coloring the fire and the Dame.  NOTE TO SELF:  Don't color this way next time.  This is where I usually do color comps but I just wanted to be different this time.  You'll see how many times I changed colors around.....

4.  Started in on alien world green and the worm (started creating problems for myself color wise with no comp to start from)

5. Refine Edges, highlights, Rim Lights starting to be added.

6. Started to dislike color scheme so i try to "break it" to see where it's wrong.  I go to extremes to fix the issue.  ( added an overlay of a watercolor print I had)

7. Realizing Color green was wrong and destroying comp chose to stick to all warms and keep Dame in Cools for contrast.  Also realized her face was half assed so redid it and made a real face instead.

8.  Now that it was fixed in my minds eye, color fixed to match and desaturated back to what I liked.  Added better "pincers" and made sure focal point was established.

That's about it for this one.  Ugly I know.  I am looking into a screen-grabber to do this for me so it's an easier process next time.

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