Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Dobhar-chu

 So my good artist friend Tiffany Turrill  turned me on to the beastiery where every couple of weeks they explore a strange myth-beast to concept.  Here's the latest one they put up.  Some very interesting artists over there.

The Dobhar-Chu:
Hailing from the rivers and deep lakes of Ireland comes a monster known as the Dobhar-chu. The name Dobhar-Chu when translated from Celtic literally means "Water-Hound" and is sometimes confused with its close cousin the Pooka (Puca) or "Water-horse."The Dobhar-Chu has been described differently over time but the general consensus is that it has a very sleek otter like appearance and an enormous dog-like head with fins like a fish. In some versions of the myth the Dobhar-Chu has a fish tail and shark teeth will in others it more like a huge wiry-haired dog with webbed paws.In every version of the story the Dobhar-chu is a nasty brute you don't want to cross paths with. A maneater that can grow up to seven feet long the beast has been said to overturn small boats and eat the unsuspecting fishermen inside. A Dobhar-Chu might be hard to spot in the water, but it is easy to hear. Emitting a loud shriek that sounds like the scream of a young woman as it draws close to its victims.Half-Dog and Half-fish this monster had its last reported sighting in 2003 but it's legacy continues in Irish folklore and the enthusiasm of cryptid hunters everywhere.
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