Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So we've moved to a different state, had Thanksgiving, finished a 2nd card game, 2 Imagine FX articles, had a CTN Expo booth, and just signed for a place in Pasadena.  I did a quickie to show my pure enthusiasm/exhaust-ism for the last month........
On a completely uplifting and happy note to go out on I met some great people at the Con and they should all be in my Art links on the side panel.  Ken Turner, Justin Rodrigues, and Jason Pruett were awesome artist/people that were just fun to talk to and be around.  Check them out.  A big BIG thank you to Chris Oatley, Kendra Melton and Marcelo Vignali who have all welcomed me and helped me find a great footing in my new hometown.  I'm still so inspired by how many great and wonderful people are out there in the arts.  I always wanted to be a drummer but it was "to loud" so my mother handed me a pencil (true story).....thanks Mom, good choice.
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