Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Emerald City Comicon

Some highlights of the con pics.  Sitting and talking with Graham Annable was great ( I spoke earlier in the bog about Grickle).  Scott Campbell was a fine fellow next door as well.  Camilla d'Errico was as pleasant as always.  The con was excellent and as icing on the cake I got a chance to shop talk with Sean Cheeks Gallaway, Skottie Young, and Sparth.  I hope to see them all at Wondercon and find time for a beer.  Please click on their names and see all the great stuff they make as artists.  And to all the people, thanks for coming down and meeting me.  I do not take it lightly that I get to do all this awesome stuff and isn't possible without the good people in the cities to come and see us each year.  You make me laugh, you make me continue to work, and you make it all worth doing. Thanks for stopping by on a continual basis and supporting 2 artists on their journey.

-Brett and Julie Bean

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