Saturday, June 25, 2011

Comic Con banner ideas

It's time to bust out a new banner for this years cons!
you have to imagine these being very large and I am in literally in front of the bottom half.
1, 2, or 3?  Which one looks best?  Or if there's an image you're thinking. Why isn't that one up there? comment away.


Buzzregog said...

I am thinking 2. More dynamic better access to art details as well. I will say at first glance 1 caught my attention quicker tho. So maybe I spent too much time thinking about it.

Javier Molina said...

I'd go with choice 2 Brett, 1's composition is to formal, 2's composition leads the eye to every piece. just my opinion.

KevinHarden said...

you only have seconds to really catch someone, and get their attention.

Anonymous said...

I vote for 1- clean and simple design, catches the eye, and gives all the information someone needs.

Unknown said...

Oh man that's 2-2. Thanks for the input everyone. Got a lot to think about.

Ronnie said...

definitely the 2nd one sir...lookin' soo damn cool! :D

C.Deboda said...

It's close between 1 and 2. #2 shows nice variety but I'm wondering if it's too 'busy'. #1 is obviously not as busy but more cleaner and bolder. When folks are walking around the tables at these Cons, there's already a lot of overwhelming noise and eye-candy everywhere already. So to have a simple/bolder image that stands out from the rest is I think the way to go. Clean and simple has a more professional look too IMO.

Anyway, my 2 pesos.

Jeff Chapman said...

2 is definitely too busy. The whole thing is busy and each individual piece is too busy. Nothing about it catches my eye immediately.

I'm clearly in the minority because I kinda like #3 best. If you're sitting in front of it, it's nice that the bottom half is clear. Plus, I like the contrast between the verticality of the banner and the horizontality of the images. It introduces a bit of the tension you have in #2 without seeming cluttered.

That said, I can understand why most people like #1 ... it's the cleanest and clearest composition.

Good luck!


Unknown said...

thanks for the suggestions. I guess you'll see the decision at the con. Thanks for all the help.

PFC said...


How about idea #4. I like the dynamic of #2 (it definitely catches my eye) but it is a bit intense. How about switching out the flying warrior with your otter. It will lighten it up a bit and complete your full range of capabilities from cute animals to intense fantasy creatures, humans, alien worlds and fun game/show environments.

Don't get me wrong, your warrior is cool, but overall, all the images in #2 are pretty intense. I think switching in your otter (at an angle) would lighten it up and simplify it down a notch.