Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Character Driven, the art of Brett Bean

 So the Books Arrived!!!!!  
Thank you Alberto Ruiz/ Brand Studio Press 
and Arte Pensa for the terrific job and help!
I have no room so make sure to buy one so I don't have
to sleep on these for the next year as a bed cushion;)
Here are some sample pages.  Full color 76 pages signed with a sketch!

Git yer copy at the art store or see me at the cons!


Joshua James said...


jselbig said...

nice work Brett!

Sajib OO said...

Well, where I live we don't
get the chance to buy this books :(

Gr8 work indeed!

Anonymous said...

That looks awesome! Hopefully, you'll be at Wondercon next year & I'll get it from you & your lovely wife again. Bought your other books at Wondercon 2011 & love the personalized sketches you drew in the books. Thank you again! - Chris Y.

Unknown said...

I apologize if I'm just completely missing this... but where is the link to the Art Store! I would love to get my hands on one of these books. STUPENDOUS WORK!

Unknown said...

Yupp... I'm 'special' today. Firefox was not displaying the link!

Unknown said...

Josh- Thanks! Will you be at the con?
Jeff- Thanks Man
Tawhid- I personally send them all over the world. the art store at the top right section of the blog is a link to the store.
Nebbish- I've had that issue on Firefox too. Glad it's self correcting.
Chris y.- I'll see you at Wonder con!

Unknown said...

If you have any left when you get back i'll buy one!