Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So Karmic Socialism* was in full effect yet again.  while I was getting ready for the Expo on Thursday my dog got bit and went into anaphylactic shock.  To the hospital, he's fine.  Friday morning I set up my entire booth and, I kid you not, lay some business cards on the edge and the table collapses with all books, prints, portfolios and pride onto the floor.  Worst and best part.  Too perfect to not be kind of funny.  I check my table and it's legs are just duct taped.  Got a new table, re-set up and it was smooth sailing from then on out.

- I made Natalie Hall hug me
- Did a live Demo on Friday with J Scott Campbell on the other side
- Met amazing artists (and all very very likeable people too) like Trevor Spencer, Beth Sleven, Brian Ajhar, Genevieve Tsai, Richard Peter Han, and Chris Ayers
- I got to hang out with my good buddy Mark Mcdonnell
- Got to watch Marcelo Vignali and his amazing new beard make art
- Had some ice cream
- Re-connected with some awesome artists like Paul RichardsForrest Card, Joshua Shaw, Jason Pruett, Chris Oatley, Monte Michealis, Mike Henry, Ted Pratt, Ryan Hall, Kendra Melton, Tuna, and Justin Rodrigues
- Got the new Sketch travel art book (awe inspiring)
- Fell in love with my wife all over again
- Watched John Nevarez draw on the Cintiq and spurred on a new technique to explore
- Did a live Demo Saturday with Brittney Lee on the other side, bummed because I wanted to see her beautiful demo.

- made a new sketchbook and new prints in the store as of now

Thanks to all who came by to say hi, blog followers and twitters, those who shared their art and allowed me to be a small piece of the artistic journey, and to the CTN team for all their hard work.

*Karmic Socialism:  The act of bad things piling up on you all at the same time so others who could not deal with that stress don't have to.



N.Hall said...

Was great meeting you for the first time Brett!! Glad you had a great weekend :)

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

it was great meeting you too, sorry for making you hug it out ;)

N.Hall said...

Aw no worries I always love a good hug :D