Friday, December 2, 2011

My twitter conversation

So the internet is a huge yet awesome waste-my-time-land so I try not to get sucked in and rather work.  But today I had a full conversation (hard on twitter) with a follower and the conversation made me giggle a lot so I wanted to put it together here for non twitter followers.  This was the art page I made during the entire twit.  Thanks Shrunken1985 for the larfs.

My Twitter this morning
2dbean : my time machine I built is finally working, how to duplicate: 1. find clients 2. get busy 3. work hard 4. find Internet and then it'll be Friday

shrunken1985 @2dbean That's a time machine? Wheres the Flux Capacitor?

2dbean : @shrunken1985 For the flux capacitor you will need: A cheetah willing to run backwards, Ability 2 recite alphabet in pig Latin, And an elf in left back pocket GL

shrunken1985  @2dbean How do I stick these together? have to be honest this seems like a lotta work, couldn't I just take a bath in the LHC with a clock?

2DBean: @shrunken1985 it's not brain surgery ( which is easy FYI) time traveling is hard. Your method MAY work, but I abhor "water wrinkles"

shrunken1985  @2dbean Look, I flunked Time Traveling 101, so bear with me. What about some kind of green jelly, that might work better than water, right?

2dbean : @shrunken1985 green jelly GREEN JELLY?! No wonder you need my help. That method is so outdated you MUST be stuck in the early 90's.

shrunken1985 @2dbean I am stuck in the 90s, so sick of MC Hammer, am willing to try anything at this point, bar the elf in the pocket trick...

2dbean: @shrunken1985 to get out of the 90's. U will need 1 member of milli vanillini, superiority complex regarding your inferiority,and a badger.

shrunken1985  @2dbean Now your being crazy! Where am I going to find a badger? You must be outta your mind...

2Dbean: @shrunken1985 MC Hammer should have 1 but for gods sakes don't touch it.... Just ask him politely to follow you

shrunken1985 @2dbean I'm not going to have to sacrifice a kidney or something am I? I mean I only have 3 left, I don't know how many more I can give away

2Dbean: @shrunken1985 other ingredients needed: 2 teaspoons of dignity 3 fluid oz. of any hard like substance 25 baby carrots and 1 cup chutzpah

shrunken1985 @2dbean can you get these things in the 90s?

2dbean: @shrunken1985 You might not find baby carrots back then. Low grade plutonium will suffice Good luck and I'll see you in 2012
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