Friday, December 2, 2011

My twitter conversation

So the internet is a huge yet awesome waste-my-time-land so I try not to get sucked in and rather work.  But today I had a full conversation (hard on twitter) with a follower and the conversation made me giggle a lot so I wanted to put it together here for non twitter followers.  This was the art page I made during the entire twit.  Thanks Shrunken1985 for the larfs.

My Twitter this morning
2dbean : my time machine I built is finally working, how to duplicate: 1. find clients 2. get busy 3. work hard 4. find Internet and then it'll be Friday

shrunken1985 @2dbean That's a time machine? Wheres the Flux Capacitor?

2dbean : @shrunken1985 For the flux capacitor you will need: A cheetah willing to run backwards, Ability 2 recite alphabet in pig Latin, And an elf in left back pocket GL

shrunken1985  @2dbean How do I stick these together? have to be honest this seems like a lotta work, couldn't I just take a bath in the LHC with a clock?

2DBean: @shrunken1985 it's not brain surgery ( which is easy FYI) time traveling is hard. Your method MAY work, but I abhor "water wrinkles"

shrunken1985  @2dbean Look, I flunked Time Traveling 101, so bear with me. What about some kind of green jelly, that might work better than water, right?

2dbean : @shrunken1985 green jelly GREEN JELLY?! No wonder you need my help. That method is so outdated you MUST be stuck in the early 90's.

shrunken1985 @2dbean I am stuck in the 90s, so sick of MC Hammer, am willing to try anything at this point, bar the elf in the pocket trick...

2dbean: @shrunken1985 to get out of the 90's. U will need 1 member of milli vanillini, superiority complex regarding your inferiority,and a badger.

shrunken1985  @2dbean Now your being crazy! Where am I going to find a badger? You must be outta your mind...

2Dbean: @shrunken1985 MC Hammer should have 1 but for gods sakes don't touch it.... Just ask him politely to follow you

shrunken1985 @2dbean I'm not going to have to sacrifice a kidney or something am I? I mean I only have 3 left, I don't know how many more I can give away

2Dbean: @shrunken1985 other ingredients needed: 2 teaspoons of dignity 3 fluid oz. of any hard like substance 25 baby carrots and 1 cup chutzpah

shrunken1985 @2dbean can you get these things in the 90s?

2dbean: @shrunken1985 You might not find baby carrots back then. Low grade plutonium will suffice Good luck and I'll see you in 2012

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Anonymous said...

When it comes to charter designs for humans, how do you do it? I find it trying to design people who are stylized, unique, and appealing. Not beautiful appealing, but you know what I mean. I often resort to designing humanoids or animals because the stylizations feels more natural, maybe that's because I have more experience drawing and stylizing those things so it comes off as more accurate in my mind.

I know you're a very busy man but it would be very much appreciated if you could stop by my blog and give me some pointers? Maybe some critiques of what I'm doing right and wrong? I would very much love to learn these things but unfortunately I don't receive a lot of crits in that area haha. Keep being awesome as always, Brett!