Thursday, February 16, 2012

While over at the think tank

We went to the awesome exhibit of Syd Mead's at the Forest Lawn in Glendale LINK
Free, low key, and you can get real close to see his genius strokes. 
If you are in Los Angeles area you should go see it.
Our task was to pay homage in our style to Mr. Mead
PS at the museum there is a back section of some great sculptures too.
See all the Think Tanks work at
We're just gettin' started.


Max Gon said...

i fricken love everything you do man. such a cool design and render

Unknown said...


thanks man. I think I know you vicariously through one of my students don't I?

Max Gon said...

Yes sir! My girl friend Leticia loves your class so much. i think she might have mentioned me. :D i told her how jealous i was when i heard you were her teacher hahah