Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Wondercon Review of awesomness

Looky All the cool stuff I got!

Wondercon was a success.  I got to meet some great new people, became friends with some phenomenal artists, and got to hang out with old friends as well.  I will add links for all artists.  Please spend the time to get to know these amazing inspirations if you don't know of them already!

New and amazing artist friends I had the pleasure of meeting (In order of meeting them):

Great artists friends I got to see again:

Thanks to everyone who supports the artist whether at the cons or online at their stores.  All this inspiration doesn't come easy and it's really all the kind folks who continue to support us that keeps us going...and fed....and able to buy more pencils to keep this viscous yet awesome cycle going.
 Thanks for stopping by and showing me your art and your passion.

It was a whirlwind of tiredness, commissions, exchanges, smiles, and just a smidge of alcohol....
And it all happens again in 2 weeks at Emerald Con.  

Thank you all, keep artist alleys and small press alive and now we will return you to your regularly scheduled blog posts.....

And any and all apologies for anyone I missed.  Take no offense.

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