Thursday, April 19, 2012

A FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY CONTEST! there will be 4 winners! (UPDATE)

Only 26 more people to go on that lil' 'ol list of blog followers.
After that I will have Julie randomly choose numbers of the 746 followers and announce it on the blog.
Just send me your name and address and that's it, the rest is up to me!
thanks all for joining and being a part of this experiment!


Rob Busey said...

Make that 25 people :) I love your work man. Always great, and inspirational. Keep it up!

Sajib OO said...

Time for me to shine :D
Anyways interesting initiative there Mr.!

Unknown said...

You da man Rob!

Unknown said...

Thank Sajib

Alejo VĂ©lez said...

Hi Sir:
I´m a graphic designer and illustrator from Colombia (South America), I discover your artwork a year ago and fell in love.
Every piece of art you show us it´s a great source of learning and inspiration.
Thank you for that and keep the great work.

Unknown said...


I am humbled my art has reached all the way to Colombia. Thank you very much, you have made me very happy. I can only hope to inspire and create art that touches people. thank you. take care.

Sajib OO said...
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Ifha said...

those art books are tempting me :). Hope I have one of them.. he3
I love your artwork so far...bold and inspirating!

greetings from Indonesia,

Chris Yeoh said...

Tempted but I have a couple of your books already. Would rather let more people have a chance to discover your work. I'll just buy it from you at the next Wondercon. Wish everyone who entered best of luck!