Thursday, August 2, 2012

Some Commercial work

Did some commercial work with Liquid Animation.
A lot of people ask me about what I do, here's just one portion of my daily life ;)
 thumbnails and camera angles

This was going back and forth between the Australian team at Liquid Animation and then the Singapore clients.  Weird hours but great people.  I love seeing the start of something and seeing what the next set of artists do to it. 

We go back and forth and I try to understand he clients needs and go from thumbs, to tighter gray scales to color thumbs to Finished colors.


Erik Caines said...

Awesome post! Thanks for sharing. Great work as always.

Josh said...

It's so awesome to see your stuff all built in a film format, and animated! It's like looking at a live Brett Bean sketch :D

Unknown said...

Thanks Erik!

Unknown said...

Heh, yeah it's fun to see it, thanks

Linda said...

Very cool! It's really neat to see some of the process work that goes into a commercial.