Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Sorry I was typing so loud at you but I wanted to make sure I got your attention.  Thanks to Julie's hard work we now have an Etsy store that has prints and one of a kind originals!  That's right, the morning sketches and whatever suits my fancies will eventually make it up on the etsy store.  As a special holiday treat AND grand opening of the Etsy store you can get 15% off your book order at the store envy shop.  I know it doesn't work for the Etsy shop, but as a bonus if you purchase anything at EITHER store and tweet and/or facebook the promo, me, my art, or anything Bean related, I will throw in a bonus item at no charge.  It will be a grab bag, but originals, earrings, prints, and anything else you've seen me with will be tossed in at random.   Happy holidays!
Here are the links to the 2 stores

Originals and Prints

Art Books
Store Envy


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