Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dark Minions part 1

I got to work with Shadow Machine animation on a pilot for Amazon Studios.  It was a whirlwind of 2 weeks.  Full paintings and designs in a day to lots and lots of iterations.  A great group of people and I hope to see them again down the road.  Killer talent and some awe inspiring set pieces from their movies and TV shows.  I will break this up over a few posts.  Here is some of the work I did on the 2 main characters.  Most of the design was done by Andy Bialk and I batted clean up.  I got to start fresh on some other characters but I'll leave that for later.  The pilot and voting can be found here:


Gio M. said...

Love what you and Andy did. I got called in to work on Drebnor and some other things. Good times. Wish I coulda worked alongside you. Maybe some other time.

Unknown said...

Yeah, None of us got to work directly with each other. We'll find a project one day for sure! I liked where Drebnor went too good sir!

Unknown said...

The work that you and Andy did is incredible. I really like the style of the artwork, and the concepts that you posted for the project. I have a question for you. As a new graduate looking to start a new career in the Game Design field, what do you think are some key steps to finding work and enticing employers to look at you for their company?

P.S. Keep posting your work, I really enjoy it.

-Darrik M