Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Comic Page Directors cut

So, This comic has taken a bit of time I'm putting together.  Getting close enough to run a kickstarter campaign but a ton of great freelance and jobs have made the personal project slow at times.  Only so many hours one can devote creatively....  Since it's taken so long and I haven't worked full time on this comic the style and my general design sense has changed since I started.  I am now going back through the first 3 pages and directors cutting them up.  Here's s sample of the way I am changing and hopefully "fixing" the issues I see I want to fix.

8 months Ago
Hopefully you can see it too.  Getting there.  I ave about 6 fully unique stories in my head so hopefully after this one, if successful, I'll just keep going and transition into doing this on a regular basis.

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