Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The dark nevers falls

It got me out of my usual comfort zone and I had at it.
I was inspired by this post

Morning warm up that turned into an hour +

On another note.  We're at 253 backers 89% funded with 8 days to go!
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I also got a good question this morning and after replying thought more people could make some use of it.  Here is the question and answer that follows:
  •  When I knew you at school you had "potential". What habit did you form to take you to the next level? You've inspired the heck out of me and I am ready to move out of my "potential" phase. Thanks man!

  •  I made conscious decisions on who I spent my time with, where I spent my time, and what to "give up" to do it. That is all dependent on what your goals are. So I'll go in order of why I made certain decisions. I'll be blunt too, because I believe in it.

    1.Who I spend my time with
    Too many folks just do a job. No ambition, no drive. Their careers are basically handled by whoever is in charge of them at that moment. So I now surround myself with people who are pushing themselves. Artistically, musically, in any category. Doesn't have to be art. Just Go-getters. And let me tell you, I didn't find many in (an undisclosed location).

    2. where I spent my time
    I committed myself to draw every morning before work at a coffee shop. I woke up early, 7 AM I was out the door. I always had a plan of attack. One day, it was drawing from a book. The next day, drawing from life around the shop. The next, character development on an idea I had. Whatever got me thinking about art, not waiting for it to happen, but making myself go after it. I gave myself some slack days of course, but I was vigilant, still am. I also still go to figure drawing when deadlines permit. Try to push my shapes, try new tools, whatever I could. Forward progress, even if it was a tiny bit is better than none. Worse yet, standing still. I can't think of an artistic way to die faster inside.

    3. What to "give up" to do it
    I devoted to it for a while. I let my wife know there was a new relationship in our lives, my art and career. It was with me before she came along and god forbid she passes before me, will comfort me in the time I only have her as memories. I gave up drinking as it fogged my mornings (I'm back on it but I took a break) Made myself put away the internet and killed a ton of time on the PS3. I had less time to devote to friends. I balanced it, but for a spell, I was all in. I think to truly understand oneself, or a craft, you must devote to it for a time. Not forever mind you, or it gestates and destroys. Losing an ear or drinking yourself to pity and remorse isn't a lasting career. I knew I wanted a balance after all. A life, a happy marriage, friends, and smiling. Keep it in mind what you want and you'll find your balance.

    So those are most of my habits I formed. Devotion to it in simple mind setting ways. That and be introspective enough to see where you are lacking and attack those skills. If you're good at something, just drawing it more doesn't help. It's just hubris to get attention in a lot of ways. Pushing yourself into uncomfortable territory is the easiest answer to the hardest task.
    I hope this helps, isn't too long winded. I still have many miles to travel before I am a great artist so I feel weird giving advice, but this is what I've got for you thus far. I may even post this to the blog as I see many people could relate to some advice, hope you don't mind. I won't post you asking though, no worries.

    So that's it.  Hopefully someone out there reads something and it helps them in some small way.


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