Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nuts n Poo!

I am soooo excited.  I finally got my hands on the new card game Nuts!  Wildfire LLC and Sandstorm sent me a care package of both of the games.  The reason I'm so jazzed is I did all the illustrations for the game.  I love monkeys, I love squirrels.  One throws Poo, the other steals nuts.  I will have them at the Con.  Sandstorm did a superb job on the marketing and presentation.  Matthew Grau made a brilliant set of games as the designer and Mike Vaillancourt art directed the projects.  As I was freelancer I can't name anyone else but I'm sure more people had plenty to do with these games.  Here's some pics of the fun.  good for most ages 2-6 players. 

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