Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Video game rant

Ok, I play games.  I spend a ton of time enjoying them, and a ton of time dissecting and "ughing" them as well.  A trend I am seeing, mostly a company that I won't name but start with Call and ends in Duty, I've got a beef.  Games have always been in love with movies and so they try and recreate the tones, scenes, and violence they depict.  I do believe there is something about the violence in games issue here as some of these companies are making you do things that only Jack Bauer does and I can sit back and my conscious is clean.  Games are missing that key element when I can watch a horror movie and go "aww, none of that I have to do".  I'm clear.  Bioshock gives you choice, help the girls or destroy them.  I always saved but have no issue when others don't because I got to play the way I play.  Playing off of consequences and peoples decisions is a powerful tool.  GTA you can  play an entire game without killing hookers or the innocent.  I am talking about when I don't have a choice and the uncanny valley merging.  These games are now making me put a piece of glass in a person mouth then repeatedly punch him in the face until he talks.  The last game made me shoot civilians in an airport.  I played that stage 8 times dying each time because it wouldn't let me play the whole level without killing people.  I tried, lord I tried.  And then I sold the game immediately.  And that's the deal, taking away my right to choose is forcing me to play these games their way, the opposite of what makes games different then movies. And I'm not talking games that revolve around "Saw" etc.  Notice I'm not talking about the violence as I knew what games I pick up.  Bad guys shoot at me, I shoot back.  If these games were called Black Ops Jack Bauer edition or Splinter Cell: interrogation head into water faucet Theory I couldn't have complaints. The issue is torturing without the ability to decline and killing innocent people because I have to to keep playing in games that aren't about that. This is lazy design.  It's not edgy, it's not taboo, it's lazy.  Give me choice.  k, done, I'll post art later.

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