Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Q&A Morning warmups

I get a asked a lot of questions so I'll answer them all here regarding my morning warmups.

  • You can find my daily warmups through twitter or instagram.  In both programs, look for 2dbean.  You can find links to the right on this blog.  I also eventually put them on tumblr.
  • Time wise these are between 5-20 minutes dependent on the design and intricacies............... and caffeination levels.
  • Materials used are Copic sketch markers, Prismacolor markers, micron pen .005 for the under drawing and a brush pen for the thick lines.  (Zebra or Kuretake brush pen.)  A white gel pen and a white pencil for the highlights.  A brown paper wired earthbound cachet sketchpad.  All pens I get are available at www.jetpens.com 
  • As for how "accurate" I am regarding design vs. observation.  I tend to only have between 10 seconds and 1 minute to observe and remember my subjects so I definitely choose to draw adjectives and not nouns.  Sharp, soft, bubbly and not the eyes go here or the nose ends like this.  After my design sense remembers why I looked at them in the first place, I remember basic colors and style of clothing they have on. 
  • People do notice and rarely are mad, they enjoy it and quite a few patrons recognize others in the shop.  Most people are pleasant and happy...even in LA.
  • I generally try to sit and sketch for an hour to warm up and get my day going.  Usually up and out the door by 8 AM and taking advantage of the weather I sit outside for all this.
Hopefully this answers most the questions I get on a regular basis.  Comment on the post if you have any more and I'll make sure to get to you.  Hope your week is awesome! Keep drawing.

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