Thursday, April 11, 2013

The CTN Roadtrip is upon us! #ctnroadtrip

Please join us at the 
CTN Animation Road Trip 
at the 
Burbank Arts Festival 
April 13th and 14th.
the map of with me!
Come on down for festivities, beer, art, walking n talkin.
SO many good artists!
Here's the list
Alina Chau Animator, Author Illustrator
Animator Made
Brett Bean Character Designer
Mitchell Bernal Creator of Skelanimals
Sue Blanchard Illustrator
Blue Canvas Artist Networking Community
Mike Cedeno Painter
Center Stage Gallery
CGMA Online Education
David Colman Character Designer
Creative Talent Network
Craig Elliott Concept Designer
Stephan Franck Director, Storyboard Artist
Dominick Domingo Development Artist, Instructor
Arthur Fong Visual Development Artist
Walter Gatus Character Designer
Ed Ghertner Production and Background Design
Francis Glebas Director, Storyboard and Visual Development
Steven E. Gordon Director, Storyboard and Designer
Michael Humphries Art Director and Fine Art Painter
Gary Montalbano Conceptual Designer, Illustrator, Publisher
Christophe Lautrette Production Designer
LA Film School
Mike Kunkel Cartoonist at the Astonish Factory
Jose Lopez Character Designer
Sue Mantle DiCicco Childrens Book Illustrator Writer
Chris Oatley Visual Development Artist
Ruel Pascal Painter
Bill Perkins Art Director / Painter
Jeff Ranjo Storyboard Artist
Tom Sito Writer
Stuart Ng Books
Guy Vasilovich Director and Producer
Valerio Ventura Art Director, Director
Glen Vilppu Master Draftsman and Instructor
Virtual Animators
Ed Wexler Art Director
Woodbury University
Michael Yamada and Victoria Ying Designers
Dean Yeagle Cartoonist

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