Tuesday, July 23, 2013

San Diego Comic Con aftermath


Phew... Now THAT was awesome!....and exhausting...and loud...and the smells....but so so fun.
This was my first year in the exhibitor section and it was so great.  I was near my buddies and Julie and I got to have a little breathing room to sit.
I didn't get time to walk the floor, but I had enough time to witness this as I walked by....

San Diego is great.  Love the atmosphere, love the city.  I especially love my peers, my fans, my clients, and my friends.  A special thank you to Aishath Boskma who made my day with her kindness and words.  There were great conversations with many, but she said some things just at the perfect time to make my day.  I hope I passed that same feeling on to some of the others I spoke with during the con.  I only get to do this through all of the support you provide for me.  And it is a glorious thing.  I met some of my followers, I talked to a young artist on the phone in Alasaka, got a hug from old friends, and got kissed on the cheek by a drunk girl.  All in all, wicked fun was had.

Commissions kept flowing.  Some for fellow artists, some for random people who walked by, and one for a gallery in Paris.

Here are some of the highlights!

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I got into some shenanigans with some amazing fellow artists and friends.
Mark "Cre8tive" Mcdonnell
Marcelo Vignali and adorable daughters
David Colman and company

It was an amazing adventure of a week.  
Julie's dream came true....

Her Jewelry was a hit and people other than myself realized how special her talent is

So that's my report.  Great to see familiar faces, real faces to internet avatars, and new people just joining this program already in progress.  Time to sleep this off a bit.....

The Beans are out!


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