Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So What's Next?

 So much is happening that I'm just going to type it all out here.  I really started this blog for me to keep track of myself and then all of you decided to join me.  And I thank you for it.

 So We had an amazing Designer con

It was a one day event in Pasadena Convention Center.  We met lots of great new friends and found some amazing art and toys.  Please check out Cody Williams and his Yetis at these cons.  You won't be sorry.  I have 2......  And he's a great guy, so win win.  http://www.yetisandfriends.com/

We had a wonderful APE con as well.

I got to hang out with some old friends, meet some new ones and even shake hands with some people that have somehow been influenced by my art.  It's very nice and humbling to know that I've helped a fellow artist out along their journey.  They do all the work but man, it's nice to know I helped in some small way.

The very next day after Designer Con, Julie debuted her Jewelry line.  A smashing success at the Patchwork Indie faire.

She did amazing and I am so proud of her.  Her art has come a huge long way and she puts in work hours that are astounding at times.  And then on top of all of that, has to deal with me all the time.  Hard, hard work.


Next up is CTN Animation Expo! Nov 16th-18th in Burbank CA.  It's probably my favorite convention out of them all.  I will have a booth with originals, prints, art books, and myself.  I will be doing a couple demos that weekend as well as a guest panel with the amazing artists; Torsten Schrank, Jose Lopez, John Nevarrez, Tony Siruno and then lil' ol' me on Saturday.  It's always a good time if you can make it.  Link to the panel http://m.guidebook.com/guide/2806/event/678916/

Other news:

- I am still hard at work on the original graphic novel and on goal to get a kickstarter happening the first week in January.

- I got to be a lead Designer on Slugterra which airs on Disney XD.  Go check that out so there will be a season 2 with even more cool slugs!

Well, that's about it.  Thanks everyone who visits, tweets, instas, shows up, facebooks, talks, buys, and supports this crazy journey I call a "career".  It really does mean a lot to both Julie and I.  So stop on by, say hello so I can keep putting names to avatar faces and I will see you online or in person.


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Will Terrell said...

I'll see you at CTN! My friend BGreen and I will be there. Look forward to meeting you Brett and buying more books!